The Government’s Attack on the Freedom of the Press

23 May

The Government’s Attack on the Freedom of the Press

Press release from the Platform for the Freedom of Information regarding the arrest and detainment of photographers Raul Capin and Adolfo Lujan, agreed upon collectively in assembly across from the Moratalaz Police Station.

Today, May 22

Homes, for a variety of accusations. There only crime is their role as inconvenient witnesses who have immortalized on various occasions the police’s violation of fundamental rights.

Raul Capin, photographer for Diario DID and collaborator for Worker’s World, was arrested in his home accused of ‘assault and disorderly conduct.’ In addition, Adolfo Lujan, collaborator for Spanish Revolution, was detained in his home in the early afternoon.

Raul, Adolfo, and other members of the press corps who cover civil disobedience and social movements, have been identified on numerous occasions and called out by various journalists, including Carlos Hidalgo of ABC, as ‘imposter photographers who infiltrate protests and demonstrations to confront and provoke the police.’ They havealso been named ‘radical’ protesters in ABC and on the front pages of La Razon and El Mundo.

Today more than ever we are all Raul Capin and Adolfo Lujan. We all have the right to inform and be informed. Photojournalists, reporters, camera people, and citizens are our eyes, hands, and ears. We cannot allow the state to silence us.

We demand the Government Delegation and the Ministry of the Interior to release immediately free of charges our comrades RAUL CAPIN and ADOLFO LUJAN. We convoke a concentration across from the Government Delegation tomorrow, May 23: Miguel Angel 25 street , metro: Gregorio Marañon.

The police are increasingly repressing the media during protests and demonstrations.

Because of this repression, we are creating the Platform for the Freedom of Information, a group of journalists that vindicates a right that is under attack, which, by extension, attacks all citizens: the right to free press. This right stems from two other rights: the right to inform and the right to be informed, rights that are no longer guaranteed in every situations   from the state’s security forces. These rights are recognized both nationally and internationally under the Spanish constitution and inthe Universal Declaration of Humans Rights, ratified by the Spanish Supreme Court in various judgements.




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